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Rain Boots

"Oh!  This is how it is now!" -Ram Dass

raney day wellbeing is here to help you return to you.  To teach you how to choose you.   Allow me to guide you towards a daily life of intentionality for your best mental HEALTH.  

Are you ready to shed the exhaustion? 

Are you sick and tired of the burn out, the loneliness, the matrix?  

Are you ready to tune in and find the rhythm in ritualistic living? 

Are you ready to learn how to set boundaries and feel the liberation on the other side?  

raney day wellbeing offers a variety of services including counseling, art therapy, education, and energy work.  We will help you find what will work best for your life!

Welcome to raney day wellbeing!

Get ready to shine your light.

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"The kind of discoveries that are made through practice have nothing to do with believing in anything. They have much more to do with having the courage to die, the courage to die continually."

Pema Chodron

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