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Available Healing Services

I offer a variety of approaches to therapeutic healing and personal wellbeing. Providing a unique blend of science and mysticism, I aim to fulfill the raney day wellbeing mission of bringing intentionality and ritual to every person's life.

Any ongoing therapeutic services will first require an Holistic Treatment Assessment to customize your healing journey.

Please remember that when you are able and willing to pay my full rate, you are serving another by allowing me to see people who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford the service.  I am deeply grateful for that. 

For every five full-price clients, I offer a significantly reduced rate to one spot. As my practice evolves, I will offer more free or low-cost options to access my work, such as workshops and webinars.  Do talk to me if you feel concerned about considering your therapy and your personal budget.


Integrated Psychotherapy & Trauma-Informed Energy Work

ongoing healing therapy sessions including customized best practices for YOU specifically including energy work, art therapy, and counseling. 

may include ancestral or collective trauma work, birth trauma disentanglement, or other energetic concerns.

Reiki Treatment

raney day Reiki

The Japanese word "Reiki" means universal life force which flows from all living things.  Reiki is energy transmitted through the hands to enhance the vertical flow of energy in the body.  

This is helpful for all ailments- physical, emotional, and energetic. This service is integrated with psychotherapy in order to maximize benefit and treat the whole Self. Ongoing Reiki services are offered for clients in-person or remotely.


simply Reiki

individual Reiki sessions for friends and family members in-person or remotely.

This is for everyone.  You do not have to be a therapy client to book this session. 


Art Therapy Assessment

Art Therapy is utilizing art-making as a means of curiosity and release.  This modality activates the Central Nervous System and accesses parts of the brain that my lie dormant in verbal therapy. This is an offering for conscious art-making with a Registered Art Therapist.

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